Luke Machtolf

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  • November 4, 2014
Mr. Machtolf is the Area Manager of Northwest Management, Inc.’s Deer Park office.  He works primarily with private, non-industrial landowners, industrial timber companies, and federal and state agencies.  Mr. Machtolf is responsible for developing and implementing Forest Management and Forest Stewardship Plans on non-industrial forestlands in eastern Washington and northern Idaho.  He develops silvicultural prescriptions for private landowners and is involved with the design and administration of timber sales.  He develops timber sale bid packages and evaluates mill bids for the highest net return to Northwest Management, Inc clients.

Mr. Machtolf oversees all stewardship contracts within the Deer Park office.  These often involve large-scale, multi-year projects for a variety of clientele.  Various silvicultural and fuels reduction treatments are applied within the realm of these projects.  Mr. Machtolf is responsible for projecting treatment costs, planning and logistics, and contract compliance.
Mr. Machtolf is very involved with NMI’s hazard management program.  Mr. Machtolf is a qualified Type II Prescribed Burn Boss and Engine Boss (NWCG) and assists with prescribed broadcast burns and wildfire assignments, acting as engine boss, ignition boss, or burn boss.  He composes prescribed burn plans for industrial clients and government agencies and also performs prescribed burn unit layout, design, and unit preparation administration.

Mr. Machtolf implements and oversees several long-term forest management projects for various clients in any given year, including stand improvement projects, including pre-commercial thinning, slash disposal, site preparation, and tree planting.

Luke has worked in Northwest Management, Inc.’s Deer Park office since October of 2004.


Bachelor of Science; 2004, Forest Resource Management, University of Washington, Seattle WA


Society of American Foresters, Certified Forester

Association of Consulting Foresters (ACF) Member