Wildlife & Recreational Land Improvements

Many landowners seek additional revenue or benefits from their property outside of traditional sources (timber, grazing, and mineral rights). NMI has assisted clients with the implementation of hunting leases, special forest product gathering permits, road-use fee permits, easement exchange projects, and recreational fee systems. Whether you are looking at granting your neighbor hunting access or leasing your ranch to a hunting club or special forest products company, NMI can help make sure you are protecting your property from harm, yourself from liability, and being compensated in a fair and ethical manner.



Land Improvement Services

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  • Recreational trail building
  • Wildlife ponds
  • Wildlife food plots
  • Stream channel restoration
  • Upland and Lowland specialty vegetation planting
  • View-shed and Aesthetic forestry
  • Brush and hazardous fuels removal

Forest Insect and Disease Management


Noxious weed control can be a major expense for forest landowners. Northwest Management, Inc. has worked with multiple landowners to develop integrated management plans to identify, control and eradicate noxious weeds.  .  Methods of control include prevention, herbicide treatment, utilization of biological controls, proper grazing management and grass seeding.  NMI has multiple employees that hold applicator license through the State of Idaho, Department of Agriculture.  These employees are extensively trained in identification and treatment of noxious weeds through not only chemical applications, but alternatives means such as biological control when applicable.  NMI has developed and implemented numerous integrated pest management control plans, specifically for noxious weeds and noxious weed eradication section is included in all of our management plans that we prepare for various private landowners.
NMI annually treats thousands of forested acres impacted by western spruce budworm and the mountain pine beetle on behalf of our clients. We work with both small and large ownerships to ensure that the productivity, aesthetic appearance and value of each forest property is maintained or improved. If you have concerns about the health and condition of your forest property call NMI for a free initial site visit and consultation. Our foresters will work with you to develop a plan of action that meets your objectives.

Insect and disease treatments include:

  • Aerial spraying
  • Localized insect repellents
  • Infested and dead/dying tree removal
  • Specially preventative silvicultural treatments

Wildlife Habitat Improvement

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In support of our mission to “provide a balanced approach to natural resource management”, Northwest Management Inc. will assist landowners in identification of specific wildlife needs and establish goals for your property through a variety of qualitative and/or quantitative methods. NMI will provide expertise through our wildlife management staff professionals to provide specific wildlife habitat improvement recommendations, ensure compliance with applicable wildlife regulations, and achieve the highest level of sustainability on your property. We specialize in providing services that enhance the value and function of natural lands for wildlife and improve aesthetic and recreational enjoyment for all who use those lands.

Roads – Layout, Inventory and Construction

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Forest roads whether used for access to a home, timber harvest or property recreation must meet stringent construction and environmental conditions. These conditions are critical to minimize maintenance of the road surface and to protect the forest and water resources it provides access to or through. Northwest Management Inc. has over 75 years of combined road work experience. More importantly, our extensive understanding of natural resources and ecosystem function provides us a unique advantage during road design, layout, permitting and construction or obliteration to achieve the best possible outcome.