Northwest Management, Inc. conducts work with many different agencies in several states across the western U.S. This includes State forestry, parks, and wildlife agencies, federal land management agencies, tribes, and Non-government organizations. In addition, there are several municipalities and counties that NMI has been contracted with to complete projects.

State and Federal

Projects completed with State and Federal agencies are quite varied and include nearly all natural resource agencies. These projects range in size from 1 acre to tens of thousands of acres. Contract types have included lump sum bid, per acre bid, and hourly rates. Several examples are listed below:

  • Cruising State timber sales
  • Cruising riparian management zones for riparian easement value determination
  • Tree marking to achieve desired silvilcultural objective
  • Timber sale layout including boundaries, RMZ, and permit application
  • Develop and implement forest health plan for State Parks
  • Federal contracts with National Park Service, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management

NMI has a General Services Administration (GSA) contract with the federal government. #GS10F0075R


Projects completed in the past few years have been skewed towards mapping and planning documents. On the ground projects completed include writing Burned Area Rehabilitation (BAER) plans and following up with overseeing the implementation of those plans in some instances.

Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s)

NMI has several NGO’s or non-profits who have hired to assist with or complete peojects for the organization. These projects are wide-ranging and include mapping, aerial photography interpretation, producing planning documents and baseline documents, and managing thousands of acres of forestland according to their goals and objectives.

Local Government

Counties, cities, and other governmental organizations have hired Northwest Management, Inc. to assist with a variety of projects. Our staff has written Forest Management Plans for conservation properties, written silvicultural prescriptions for timber harvests within municipal watersheds, and implemented fire hazard reduction projects on county-owned lands. You can choose how you want to utilize NMI for your project, whether it is to help design, administer, or implement, we have the people and the skills to help you.